STONITH implementations

Fábio Olivé Leite olive at
Fri Apr 28 09:15:45 MDT 2000

Hi there,

> Does anyone know of any existing code for operating one or more kinds of
> remote power-off/reset devices suitable for a STONITH/STOMITH approach.

A good possibility would be having a kernel module waiting for a specially
formated (read crypto, auth, whatever to make it unspoofable) packet to
arrive on the net and then panic the kernel.

Or maybe having it require packets from >50% of the cluster (remember USS
Enterprise auto-destruction activation?:) in order to activate this
code. The code would then acknowledge the fact that it is going down and

IMHO this should be done in the kernel, for if it has enough functionality
left to mess the network/cluster, it should also be able to receive/send
packets and panic... :)

This is just a thought, should not be difficult to implement if one has
the time. I'm interested in doing it, but at the moment lack the time.

On #kernelnewbies it was proposed this should better be done with serial
ports, which are more reliable and easier to spoof-protect. I just can't
foresee how will the serial connections be done, as there should be a way
for everyone to talk to everyone (ring?).

See ya!
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