new devel kernels

wanger at wanger at
Thu Apr 27 11:57:49 MDT 2000

Hi there.  I've just posted some new developmental kernel rpms for your 
pleasure. :)  These kernels have ext3 0.0.2d turned on and they also 
have ipvs-0.9.11-2.2.14 applied.  I have lfs turned off (because it 
doesn't agree well with ext3 right now).  The usual caveats concerning 
experimental kernels apply (don't use them anywhere important).

Please file bug reports against the ext3 and IPVS parts of these kernels 
in our developmental bug tracking system.

(devzilla is moving today so it might not be available for a bit today.)



Mike Wangsmo                                               Red Hat, Inc 

"I think qmail got mad, took its ball and went home." - Steve Wills

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