new piranha update

wanger at wanger at
Thu Apr 27 10:48:31 MDT 2000

We made another security update to piranha (now at v0.4.14-1).  This 
update removed the ability to change your password for the web GUI 
inside of the web GUI.  The web GUI is completely disabled until you 
run piranha-passwd as root and set the password for the GUI from the 
command line.  If you need to change your password, then you will need 
to run this tool again.

Hopefully, this closes off all backdoors and frontdoors and whatever 
else is floating around.  You can get these from in the 
updates section for 6.2.


Mike Wangsmo                                               Red Hat, Inc 

"I think qmail got mad, took its ball and went home." - Steve Wills

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