Looking for some advice

Tom Healy admin4 at teleport.com
Thu Apr 27 10:18:08 MDT 2000

I am setting up a failover for our mysql server.  The server is running
Debian.  I have been working with a couple of test boxes (Exact same
hardware as the mysql box) in testing it out. Heartbeat-0.4.7 on both.

I've just about set everything up that I need except for the last (most
important) part.  In the case of a failure, I need the backup server to
mount the external Adjile Raid unit (www.adjile.com).

I've added the watchdog feature and setup a script for it to send an email
if it takes over.  I have configured the Adjile unit for the second
machine.  It is mounted by a simple mount statement.

The issue that I want to avoid is a false failure where the backup takes
over but the main server is still mounted on the raid.  Obviously it's
bad ju-ju to have a mount conflict like this. Has anyone had a simular
situation.  If so, I would appreciate hearing any ideas/suggestions.

I do have the option of using a blackbox (www.blackbox.com) powerstrip
that can has the ability to console in & shutdown specific power
interfaces.  The idea of using my limited shell scripting abilities to try
& write a script that forces a shutdown of the power interface at takover
time is not that apealing.  If that is the most logical way, so be it.
I'm just wondering if anyone has been in this type of situation before.

Thanks in advance, a lurker until now,


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