[Fwd: Audiable Alarm]

Alan Robertson alanr at suse.com
Fri Apr 21 12:27:24 MDT 2000

Kirk Lawson wrote:
> I agree with you.  It could certainly use more notification capabilities.
>  However, it didn't have -any- notificatation capabilities previously
> (outside of log file), and even the most basic UPS can sound an alarm.
>  All I was wanting was that basic functionality.
> Cute or not, it wasn't there before, now it is.  (BTW, just because I
> don't have much experience writing shell scripts doesn't mean that I
> don't have any experience coding.  I do.  Even if it is on that "other"
> OS by that "other" company.)
> While I agree that it'd be nice if it could send a notification e-mail,
> or send out a page, I didn't write that code.  If you want to write
> modules that could do that, I'd love the opportunity to see how it's done
> and maybe learn from the example.
> I'm not dissing you or anything.  I agree with you that it could be more,
> but hey, you have to start -somewhere-.  *shrug*

One way to do any kind of notification would be to tie your stuff in to
Mon - which can do email and paging, and lots of other kinds of

With the (not yet implemented) API alluded to by my earlier email, it
should be easy to do whatever you want.  The idea is that you could
allow any number of applications to get notification when nodes come and
go.  Then, you can do whatever you want.

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at suse.com

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