Audiable Alarm

Derek Martin ddm at
Wed Apr 19 16:26:09 MDT 2000

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Kirk Lawson wrote:

> Just started experimenting with the heartbeat package.  Seems real nice.
> Question: How could I make the failover node generate an audiable alarm   
> (say with the system speaker) every second or so when it's in failover   
> mode?  For instance, maybe add a script that reapeats a 'wall "Failover"'   
> or 'printf "\a"' every second when the node is in failover and then   
> terminates it when it's returned the IP.

For a very basic solution, when failover happens, you can have it call
this simple script (in the background most probably):


while true; do

  echo -e "^G"
  sleep 1



Note that that is a litteral ctrl-g -- you will probably need to use some
keystroke or editor command to get it in there based on whatever editor
you're using.  In vi for example, you would type ctrl-v ctrl-g to insert
the litteral ctrl-g.

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