mail server on LVS with coda

Madhav msp at
Wed Apr 19 06:57:29 MDT 2000

Hi all,

We have set up a LVS cluster with heartbeat, mon and coda(2 routers+2 real
servers) for telnet,ftp and http services. I am planning to implement the
mail service also in this setup.

Now I have installed qmail in one real server and it is working fine. I am
planning to install qmail under coda(usually qmail directory will be under
/var/qmail) so that I can have replication of mail data(with coda) and also
masking of the failed mail server(with mon). I would like to know whether
anyone tried this earlier and if not can anyone foresee any problems with
this setup(like both the mail servers trying at the same time to send mails
from the same mail queue)?.
Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated.


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