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Alan Robertson alanr at
Tue Apr 11 17:03:06 MDT 2000

Chris Yunker wrote:
> I'm looking through the heartbeat software, trying to
> understand the code, but I'm a little confused. I
> can't find at what point in the software it detects an
> outage from a node and then takes over it's IP
> address. The web site says it uses the Fake software
> for IP takeover, yet I can't find anywhere in the
> heartbeat code where it invokes this.

It calls a failure a "change in status".  It calls a node coming to life
a "change in status".  In both cases it invokes a script named (not too
surprisingly) "status".

I think it actually says that it *incorporates* Fake, not invokes it.

The current version interfaces to things like that through scripts under

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