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banibrata dutta bdutta at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 23:46:56 MDT 2000

Alan Robertson wrote :--

>>can expect both nodes to become active :( We are working on this and in 
>>case you do have two links so the likely hood of this occuring in
>>production is low.

>Well said, Horms.

Can we be so sure. I have had instances of operators comitting the 
"human-error" of tripping over (slightly, without them even noticing
it), both the ethernet cables hanging a little loose, in a production
environment... and leaving our HA systems ACTIVE/ACTIVE, without the
fix i talked about in my last mail.

I know that "HA" or "Continuous Av." are much more than h/w and s/w
solutions. they need to be human solns. too. if humans keep making
blunders, and keep tripping over wires, and if natural calamtities,
or man-made-calamities affect BOTH the systems (part of HA soln.)
then nothing can save it. So we take it with a pinch of salt. And
make sure we list down all precautions in BOLD letters in a user-
manual, and say RTFM.

banibrata dutta.

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