New heartbeat stuff on CVS :)

Luis Claudio R. Goncalves lclaudio at
Wed Apr 5 14:30:53 MDT 2000


   I'm proud on announcing that the new generation of nice_failback is
working fine (I've been testing it for three days) and as you can
easily turn it or or of ( I've already put it on CVS. I'd like
to receive some feedback. 
   This stuff is the way (the easy way, I hope :) to add the
sit_and_cry (tm) stuff or any mutation. Alan asked me to discuss the
sit_and_cry on the list so I'll soon put some ideas to start the war
   Other idea I'd like to share is: we are discussing some ideas that
are good for two node cluster but may not work on N-node cluster. There
are also some ideas that are very good for N-node and are veeeeeeeeeery
bad for two-node clusters. So we better clarify/explain about what
we're talking before doing that.



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