drbd question

Fábio Olivé Leite olive at conectiva.com.br
Tue Apr 4 12:19:13 MDT 2000


) > Yes, but one can conceive of situations where the data is mirrored with
) > drbd out of convenience, rather than necessity.  It may be that it is
) > preferable under such circumstances, that an outdated representation of
) > the data be available rather than none at all.  Such as a web portal,
) > which does frequent updates of news items, or some such thing
) My suggestion was that there be an override way of bringing up drbd
) where it would do just that.  If you ran such a site, you could use this
) method (flag) to bring it up all the time.

I just sent an e-mail stating more or less what you meant, so there's room
for just another quick one: if you specify disk size by hand, drbd
operates from instant zero and of course marks bits for the blocks to be

If you don't specify disk size, drbd needs to talk to the other end before
it can be used.

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