AIX multipath driver

Victor Grund victor_grund at
Tue Apr 4 07:12:23 MDT 2000

If I recall correctly, one of my alma maters (Clam Associates aka
Availant) had some development involvement with ATF drivers.  You
should start there.  See  If you don't get
anywhere with Availant, let me know and I'll try make inquiries with
the original development team (who have since moved on, I'm sure).

Prevail Technology

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On 4/3/00, 11:59:25 PM, "Rich Ramos" <ramos at> wrote regarding
AIX multipath driver:

> I looked through the archives and saw references to "REACT" and "ATF",
> anyone know if they still exist?  Are there any others? I would be
> interested in drivers that use the second HBA as just a redundant path
> (ie. no load balancing) as well.

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