AIX multipath driver

Rich Ramos ramos at
Mon Apr 3 22:59:25 MDT 2000

I know that this is slightly off topic, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of
any company that makes a driver similar to Veritas' DMP driver for AIX?  It
could be open sourced or proprietary.

If your not familiar with DMP, it allows a system with multiple host bus
adapters talk to storage with multiple ports. It allows load balancing
across the HBAs  when the HBAs are both active.  Then  if there is a path
failure, the driver is able to reroute I/Os through the second HBA.

I looked through the archives and saw references to "REACT" and "ATF", does
anyone know if they still exist?  Are there any others? I would be
interested in drivers that use the second HBA as just a redundant path
(ie. no load balancing) as well.

Any info would be appreciated.


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