PICMG 2.12 Hot Swap specification draft available

Brian Ramsey bramsey at Lynx.COM
Mon Apr 3 19:40:44 MDT 2000


As a matter of record, Lynx is reviewing this document, and I'm 'dismayed' 
on what would lead you to characterize Lynx in this way.

Earlier this year, Lynx contributed its Linux CompactPCI backplane 
Messenger  technology (blurb below) to the open source community under a 
slightly modified version of MPL (changes to code references and 
dates).  Both Messenger and BlueCat, our embedded Linux are distributed 
without royalties (more than be said about all embedded Linux 
distributions). Getting the SRPM up on our website has been a on-going 
struggle with our webmaster's other priorities.  In the interim, I offered 
to email the SRPM to members of the PCIMG 2.12 technical subcommittee last 
week, and repeat the offer here to members of Linux-HA.

More recently. Lynx hosted the organizational meeting (March 1) for the 
Embedded Linux Consortium  (ELC) in Chicago.

Brian Ramsey

bramsey at lynx.com

Lynx Messenger
Implemented as a Linux kernel extension and associated Application 
Programming Interface (API) for messaging, Lynx Messenger is a technology 
that enables CPUs (system and non-system) to exchange information on a 
peer-to-peer basis across the CompactPCI backplane. The Linux open source 
Messenger can also be used on a single CPU card to support communication 
between the host CPU and PMC intelligent I/O processors across the on-board 
PCI bus. This messaging API and technology is appropriate for loosely 
coupled cooperative processing applications and for the split processing of 
layered communications protocols.

High Availability is integral to the Messenger architecture. Included is a 
sophisticated I/O Processor (IOP) manager that has "named object" 
capabilities for creating a pool of I/O resources. The IOP manager monitors 
the health of the system's resources and institutes a "heartbeat" test 
protocol as necessary. If boards need replacing, the IOP manager interacts 
with the HA event manager to assure a graceful extraction and then 
initialization of newly inserted replacement boards.

At 05:35 PM 4/3/00 ?, Alan Robertson wrote:

>Do you know who if anyone from the Linux community is reviewing this?
>[Motorola and the LynxOS folks don't count - they stay pretty far away
>from the Linux community as far as I can tell].
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