Heartbeat 0.4.7

Alan Robertson alanr at suse.com
Sun Apr 2 22:47:20 MDT 2000

Hi folks,

For those of you who wondered if I had stopped working on heartbeat, or
maybe I had just died an gone on to my reward, I have news for you --
heartbeat and I are both still alive, and I'm still working on it.

Yesterday, I put up version 0.4.7 of heartbeat.  

	Robust error recovery code for packet retransmission.

	ldirectord resource script for integration with LVS project.

	Made the code robust with respect to jumping the clock
		around on the nodes in the cluster (hurray!)

	Fixed a handful of other bugs.

The freshmeat appindex can be found here:

In fact, development on heartbeat is proceeding at a good clip. I
recently gave Horms (of VA Linux), Luis Claudio Goncalves and Marcelo
Tosati (of Connectiva) write permissions on the CVS instance.  I believe
that Mission Critical Linux has also made some changes to the code. I
expect that 0.4.8 (or maybe even 0.5) would be out within a month or so.

I expect that I will spend less time on heartbeat than I anticipated,
but probably more than when I did HA in my spare time.  It seems
reasonably likely that it will eventually be absorbed by LinuxFailSafe,
or possibly just go away on it's own - but not any time soon.  I will
certainly make no effort to kill it. If some time in the future, I find
that I don't have enough time to continue leading the effort, I'll pass
the baton to someone else or a team of others, as appropriate.

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at suse.com

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