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Lim Swee Tat limst at
Mon Nov 22 23:16:57 MST 1999

  I'm interested in implementing a HA solution for the company... Due  to cost
factors, we are looking into Linux HA.  Basically, I'm a dummy as far as HA is
concerned.  While Linux HA HOWTO provided a clear framework on what to do, I'll
like to know if there is any actual successful implementation and the relevant
configuration files for the implementation.

I'm bascially looking into the configuration of a 2 to 3 node MTA cluster that
serve mail via qmail or sendmail.  Those with the configuration files, I'll
appreciate it if you share it via this mailing list instead of posting directly
to me... We'll share it and see if there is room for improvements... Which is
what open-source is all about after all??...

ST Lim

Lim Swee Tat
Software Engineer
NCS Corporate IS Dept
DID: (65) 774 9177

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