PHOBOS - Re: drbd (was nmbd)

Alan Robertson alanr at
Wed Nov 10 15:03:29 MST 1999

George Bonser wrote:
> >
> > I would suggest you benchmark software raid versus many hardware raid
> > controllers. As I keep saying.. a PC is always the wrong hammer for the job, but
> > its such a big hammer it often wins. The things that constrain a PC are
> > bus architecture issues only.
> >
> There are other things ... If one could get rid of the CPU fan and the
> boot disk, I would be more comfortable with it. The part I can't live with
> is having a PC in a colo center 3000 miles away serving as a router
> waiting in single-user mode for an fsck because the watchdog rebooted it.

Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, GFS will help a lot with this.

> I am looking at solid-state disks for boot-up but the CPU
> fan is killing me. I guess I have to get a 500+ MHz CPU, underclock it to
> 366, and somehow build a heatsink that connects to the chassis cover. As a
> matter of fact, CPU fans have been the reliability contraint in the
> systems we have had trouble with.
> A good addition to HA would be intergrating the lm-sensors stuff so that I
> can monitor fan speed and temperature. The fans slow down over time and
> CPU temp creeps up causing unexplained intermittant faults under load long
> before it fails outright. Also, few manufacturers take the time to add
> heatsink compound between CPU and heatsink. They are also not careful with
> the contact surface of the heatsink often having pits, scratches, gouges,
> and foreign material on them.

That's part of what's planned in the "Diagnostics" work item on the TODO list.


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