PHOBOS - Re: drbd (was nmbd)

George Bonser george at
Wed Nov 10 11:00:02 MST 1999

> I would suggest you benchmark software raid versus many hardware raid 
> controllers. As I keep saying.. a PC is always the wrong hammer for the job, but
> its such a big hammer it often wins. The things that constrain a PC are
> bus architecture issues only.

There are other things ... If one could get rid of the CPU fan and the
boot disk, I would be more comfortable with it. The part I can't live with
is having a PC in a colo center 3000 miles away serving as a router
waiting in single-user mode for an fsck because the watchdog rebooted it. 
I am looking at solid-state disks for boot-up but the CPU
fan is killing me. I guess I have to get a 500+ MHz CPU, underclock it to
366, and somehow build a heatsink that connects to the chassis cover. As a
matter of fact, CPU fans have been the reliability contraint in the
systems we have had trouble with.

A good addition to HA would be intergrating the lm-sensors stuff so that I
can monitor fan speed and temperature. The fans slow down over time and
CPU temp creeps up causing unexplained intermittant faults under load long
before it fails outright. Also, few manufacturers take the time to add
heatsink compound between CPU and heatsink. They are also not careful with
the contact surface of the heatsink often having pits, scratches, gouges,
and foreign material on them.

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