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Wed Nov 10 00:11:05 MST 1999

No one can disagree with what u said.

                                    The problem is, Linux-HA
happens to be a volunatary development effort, and developers
are working overtime (mostly) out of interest (mostly again),
doing coding, testing - from their homes with 2-3 PCs. I do not
really see (at this point of time), how the remote testbed
which Ben was referring to can help. It would, but how, I
don't know.

A modular, plug-and-run kind of a HA solution for Linux, i.e.
for high-bugdet-highly-ambitious requirement to low-budged-
less-ambitious requirements are met. This needs more thinking
effort and input, less of coding for starters, i.e. if anyone
is interested and willing to contribute.


>Cost is relative. If my site generates $100K of revenue per day and I have
>the choice of buying a $2K piece of hardware that improves the performance
>more than $50K worth of additional computers and $5K/month of co-lo space
>rent I am a hero. If I install more software that costs nothing but
>requires me to add 10 more systems to take advantage of it, I have not
>gained anything.
>In other words, a piece of hardware that makes an existing system 100
>times more efficient is a better bargain than a piece of software that
>allows me to add 100 systems to get the same throughput.
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