PHOBOS - Re: drbd (was nmbd)

George Bonser george at
Tue Nov 9 23:58:28 MST 1999

> There is a point of disagreement with Ben though, i.e. the extent to wihch i 
> can, and are willing to move the stuff/logic into hardware. Hardware has 
> COSTS... so it's a critical balance (to be figured out by the final HA 
> implementor/designer/planner), between the software components and the 
> hardware components he wants to plug-in. So the design of HA needs to be 
> such that modules/solutions can be plugged in, i.e. if i want i may add 
> SSLized card, or use it as a software module, if i want link-aggrregation on 
> card - i go out buy one and use it, else i put in a software based 
> link-aggregation (ethernet link level load-sharing, balancing, with higher 
> aggregate bandwidth). Adding a PHOBOS, SSL card, and 4 port FT NIC might 
> cost quite high, and make the Linux-HA solution "not-so-interesting" a 
> thing.

Cost is relative. If my site generates $100K of revenue per day and I have
the choice of buying a $2K piece of hardware that improves the performance
more than $50K worth of additional computers and $5K/month of co-lo space
rent I am a hero. If I install more software that costs nothing but
requires me to add 10 more systems to take advantage of it, I have not
gained anything.

In other words, a piece of hardware that makes an existing system 100
times more efficient is a better bargain than a piece of software that
allows me to add 100 systems to get the same throughput.

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