drbd (was nmbd)

Harald Milz hm at suse.de
Mon Nov 8 11:46:38 MST 1999

In article <14373.47175.80544.454768 at dukat.scot.redhat.com>, Stephen C. Tweedie <sct at redhat.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 6 Nov 1999 12:13:42 +0100, Philipp Reisner <kde at ist.org> said:
>> If the failed node comes up again, it is a new secondary node and has
>> to synchronise its content to the primary. This, of course, will happen
>> whithout interruption of service in the background. 

> This is the cluster partition problem, and it is one of the hardest
> parts of HA.

IBM solves it by letting the secondary site call the primary one via a
dedicated independent phone line. Seems pretty straightforward, and needs
to be provided by the HA software, not the network block device.

I'd be interested how drbd handles the proper packet sequence, though. 

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