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Alan Robertson alanr at
Wed Nov 3 21:43:46 MST 1999

Hi Mark,

Mark Duggan wrote:
> #       The given IP address is directed to an interface which has a
> route
> #       to the given address.  This means you have to have a net route
> #       set up outside of the High-Availability structure.  We don't set
> it
> #       up here -- we key off of it.
> The above is straight from the haresources file.  Problem is I'm not
> clear how to implement it
> on Redhat 6.1.
> My system fits the picture outlined in the haresources file,  i.e.
> #       For a hot/standby (non load-sharing) 2-node system with only
> #       a single service address,
> #       you will probably only put one system name and one IP address in
> here.
> #       The name you give the address to is the name of the default
> "hot"
> #       system.
> #       Where the nodename is the name of the node which "normally" owns
> the
> #       resource.  If this machine is up, it will always have the
> resource
> #       it is shown as owning.
> I've tried playing with the "route add" command with no success.  I know
> my "standby' machine is
> configured correctly, because it takes over the services address when I
> stop heartbeat on the "hot'
> server.
> But I still have not succeeded in getting the "hot" server to advertise
> the service address in the first place.
> So the question is, how do I get the hot server to respond to requests
> to the service address when the
> hot server is hot.
> Thanks,
> Mark Duggan
> Vermont Department of Corrections


This works correctly for me (and lots of other folks).  What happens when you
come up, is that the primary requests for the secondary to give up the resource,
and if it isn't up (or doesn't have it), then it takes the resource anyway.

What Linux distribution/kernel are you running?

One other person seems to have had (is having?) this problem.

I don't think you've sent me log files since you put 0.4.5a on your machine.

Could you send me (by attachment) your config files, and the ha-log and ha-debug
files from /var/log?


	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at


	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at

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