ethernet channel bonding

Alan Cox alan at
Wed Nov 3 11:43:43 MST 1999

> The last I heard, it did not work because of the way the round-robin code
> determines that a channel is down. The trouble is that if you have two or
> three channels bonded and one dies, you will get packet loss forever
> because the driver never sees that the channel died.

Most of the ethernet drivers detect this. In an HA situation you don't rely
on that anyway. If that interface isnt hearing multicasted heartbeats or
OSPF routing frames assume its broken

> There is an alternative. Phobos has a quad NIC that they claim will
> properly support bonding with their driver:

Seems to be binary only

> They also have some other neat hardware stuff for linux like load
> balancing, ssl in hardware, etc.

Nod. Red Creek also do hardware IPSEC but they seem not to do bonding and

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