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Alan Robertson alanr at bell-labs.com
Tue Nov 2 07:59:16 MST 1999

Giampaolo Tomassoni wrote:
> > If you are doing shared-nothing then IDE is fine.
> Great. But what about networked mirroring?
> > You might want to take a good look at drive warranties and MTBF
> Well, this shouldn't matter too much as long as a virtual 4-disks raid level 1
> is concerned.
> >>  - Focusing development efforts more on less on the
> >>    typical Linux hardware, which is around EIDE storage.
> >
> > There isn't really any difference for the shared-nothing case.
> But actually Linux/HA doesn't provide disk mirroring through network in any
> way, right? The project is focused on high-end hardware...

Hi Giampaolo!

Unlike most HOWTOs, Linux-HA HOWTO is really more of a guide for implementers of
HA technology for Linux than it is for people who just want to install it.  It
was written by someone who had a lot of IBM experience (as you might guess).

For the last year and a half, we have been implementing a few of the ideas in
the Linux-HA HOWTO, plus a few not mentioned in it.  The project is picking up
speed quite rapidly at this point.

At this point, we are focusing much more on low-end hardware than high-end
hardware.  And yes, disk mirroring across the network is on our list of things
to do.  It should come up to be done pretty soon now.  I am still hoping we have
a preliminary version available by the end of this year.

If you want to understand current implementation efforts, the Linux-HA home page
might be a good resource for you.  Recent progress is documented in the TODO
list pointed to by that page.

You can find this information here:

There is also a development list for Linux-HA work.  Info on it can be found

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at bell-labs.com

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