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Per-Ola Mard peo at
Thu Oct 22 01:27:18 MDT 1998

Let's Tango!

What about TANGO, the notion of something that it takes two to do?
- Also applies to redundancy, you can not do a tango on your own.
- Two penguins doing a tango? Anyone able to draw that? Anyone out there who
knows how to tango?
- Also HA will make you tango forever, or at least til the power plant breaks,
and the UPS, and diesel engine dies at the same time, or (shadder) there is a bug
in the HA itself...
- Add to this the fact that if you loudly prenounce "HA!" as one word, not two
separate letters,
it will give the appropriate sound directed to Mr murphy; -HA! it survived ;-)
- Mind you, this will create a whole new dance-form, imagine making SAMBA

So my suggestion for the logo goes somewhere between Tango and survival...


Jonathan C Day wrote:

> Alan Robertson wrote:
> > Also, check out the Linux-Cluster logo ideas at the Project Beowulf home
> > page at:    
> >
> > Those convey the idea of a cluster.  We need a cluster that (with one of
> > it's members missing) carries on, and forges ahead.  Busy penguins would be
> > nice (but more work).
> How about taking one of the cluster logos & showing it taped together
> after a break? I'm not sure it conveys the idea you describe, but simply
> showing a version with a corner torn off might give more of the impression
> that HA breaks the system.
> Jonathan Day

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