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alanr at alanr at
Wed Oct 21 09:04:47 MDT 1998

Jim Trocki wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 alanr at wrote:
> > We need a Linux-HA logo.
> >
> > All my thoughts so far have been morbid.  Things like a collection of
> > penguins carrying on after one of their number has died (or gone to
> > sleep, or whatever).
> >
> > Someone who has graphic arts talents, or knows someone who has graphic
> > arts talents is needed.

Also, check out the Linux-Cluster logo ideas at the Project Beowulf home
page at:    

Those convey the idea of a cluster.  We need a cluster that (with one of
it's members missing) carries on, and forges ahead.  Busy penguins would be
nice (but more work).

        -- Alan Robertson
           alanr at

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