MAC addr takeover

Zou Youyong zou at
Mon Oct 19 01:01:34 MDT 1998

Flavius Bindea wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new on this mail list and I don't have many knowledge about
> HA, but this is a very interesting feature.

I am also new to this mail list :-) .

> Why should MAC takeover be implemented. Is IP takeover not
> enough ?
>                                 Flav

I think IP takeover is enough.
If you want to use MAC takeover just for the problem of flushing
ARP table, then maybe there is a easy way to do it ?
when machine B takeover machine A 's working IP address, broadcast
its new ARP to every machine in LAN ,include client and router.
To broadcast a new ARP, you may write a small program, or just
use "ping" . If you ping a Null  ip address in LAN , it will broadcast
ARP automatic and flush client's arp table.
I have test this on  many machine.


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