MAC addr takeover

Jim Trocki trockij at
Sat Oct 17 10:30:59 MDT 1998

On Sat, 17 Oct 1998, Cary B. O'Brien wrote:

> In most configurations, clients would go through at least one
> router to get to the server.  I.E. they would be on different IP
> networks.  Remember, the I in IP stands for InterNetwork.
> It is unlikely that you would have thousands of devices using the 
> same network.  You could, but it would probably be too busy and
> get all clogged up.

Many places are horribly flat, however. Some of these places try to
releive their flatness problem with switching, but this still leaves
a large broadcast domain. I've been at places where there were many
hundreds of hosts on a single flat, partially-switched network. It wasn't
perfect, but it wasn't exactly "all clogged up" either, and things worked.

If you are going to put exactly one router between the clients and the
server, then it is obvious that any amount of server redundancy with
MAC address takeover won't help when the router bites it.

I beleive that Cisco has some sort of protocol for neighboring routers
on the same subnet to take over the other's MAC address upon detection of
a failure.


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