High Availability Systems

Mike anitrate at dakotacom.net
Fri Oct 16 00:53:12 MDT 1998

	I have run into a software company that does many of the things that we
are looking for. Basically, their software is an IP-Failover system that
uses a gateway (or multiple gateways, with failover) to frontend other
machines. The company is called bscsoft, and I believe their address is
	I have not played with their software too much, but I think that I will
call their sales rep (whom I have been in contact with over quite some time
now) and let him know of this list, and perhaps if they can learn something
from what we are looking to do.
	Their product is a commercial, so it may not be for everyone here, however
it is inexpensive for what it does, and from what a fellow sysadmin has
told me, it does work very well. We have tried the beta versions of their
software. Maybe someone else on hear has heard of this and had experience
with it?

Mike Mazarakis

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