Any tools for switch over, changing IP addresses, etc?

Michael Rowan mtr at
Tue Oct 6 19:56:22 MDT 1998

Alan Cox wrote:

> > We can accept 3-5 minute outage, however, we do need gratuitous ARP, as all
> > the devices are on the same segment, and we need them to be able to reach
> > the services that have switched over.
> You can send those from user space. SOCK_PACKET lets you send raw datagrams
> providing you are root

  Depends on the client base -- gratuitous arps don't always update or
invalidate entries in a clients cache.  It is supposed to, I know, but I think
this is a leftover from some "should" language in one of the original RFC's
describing ARP protocol and proper behavior.  But its been a while so who

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