Any tools for switch over, changing IP addresses, etc?

Per-Ola Mard peo at
Tue Oct 6 17:16:28 MDT 1998

Hello Richard,

Three follow-up questions,

1) What type of apps do you run at the two (web/oracle/sybase/informix?
2) How quickly (no outage, one transaction loss or  3 minutes outage)?
3) What type of meltdown do you plan to sustain?

I'm just a bit curious about how we, people on this list, think and what the
targets are.
Where are the boundaries/limitations, targets and possibilities?


Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Hi,
> I notice that this list is not a high volume list.
> I have a site where we have two identical machines (dual 200MHz
> dual-processor Pentium Pro's), and we would like to switch the machines
> around quickly in the event of a failure on the primary machine.
> Are there any tools to help with this?  We need to move IP addresses
> around, and it seems like Linux 2.0.35 does not do gratuitous ARP when an
> interface is ifconfig'd.
> Regards
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