Linux-HA heart beats!

alanr at alanr at
Tue Mar 17 23:58:16 MST 1998

I put together the heartbeat mechanism I'd described and coded it up and,
amazingly enough, it works!  Yes, I got a heartbeat -- signs of life!

To be perfectly honest, I only have access to one machine right now, but
there's still a lot I can test.  Here's what I know works:

	Basic cluster config file parsing and error checking

	Local machine heartbeat satisfies "keepalive" requirements

	Remote machine (not connected :-)) has no heartbeat => it's dead!

	Invocation of external scripts on state changes

	Ability to easily update state of local machine (via echo!)

Here's some things I haven't a clue about whether they work or not:
	Correct line settings
	Write/Read serial port function

Right now I'm running a test to see if lack of a machine (and corresponding
serial port signals) on a tty port causes deadlock.

I've put in a request with my company (Lucent Technologies) to allow me to
release it under the GNU public license.  I'll let you know when that comes
through.  FYI, it's about 1200 lines of 'C' code including comments.

	It's Alive!

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at

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